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Welcome to Esprit Carrel 

An open space, to be shared and expanded together, with mutual respect!

It all starts with the renovation of our grandparents' house, 

 in Valtournenche, a village also known for the businesses brought to life by the Alpine Guides, including his grandfather Marcel. The furnishings of all three apartments bring to mind the expeditions in Chile, in the Patagonian Andes, in Pakistan, in Kanjut Sar, and in Greenland in the Stauning Alps. We can comprehend the spirit of the Guides, who started to discover the unknown with the goal of the summit, just as each one of us has our own vision and objective.
Esprit Carrel is for all those who follow their dreams.
There is always something to be grateful for, just find it!

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ESPRIT CARREL di Carrel Stefano 
fr.Tourterousa 11028 Valtournenche(AO) 
Tel. +39 329 1242385